Murrieta Business Contract & Agreements Lawyer

Murrieta Business Contract & Agreements Lawyer

Murrieta Business Contract & Agreements Attorney

Contracts are an integral part of any business’s life cycle. The binding agreements shape how companies operate and even how they dissolve. Business owners have a responsibility to ensure that the interests of their shareholders, employees, and partners are protected by contracts. Failure to check for loopholes with the help of legal advice could lead to consequences. Thankfully, each Murrieta business contract & agreements lawyer at Lockhart Law Firm understands the complexities of business and contract law.

Whether your business requires contract drafting, reviewing, or negotiating, you can count on our legal team to unravel complex situations and clearly explain the terms and agreements of any contract before you sign.

Murrieta Business Contract & Agreements Lawyer

Types of Business Contracts

Business contracts shape nearly every facet of work performed by a company. Any of the following types of business contracts could become grounds for a dispute if either party that signed the contract accuses the other of breaching its terms.

  • Business operating agreements
  • Vendor contracts
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Sales contracts
  • Lease agreements
  • Distribution contracts
  • Shareholder dissolution agreements
  • Business purchase agreements

One way you can reduce the risk of a contractual agreement dispute is by working with an experienced business law firm to draft the contract. Not everyone is familiar with legal jargon, and the courts pay close attention to word choice when interpreting contractual agreements. Any contract that affects how your business runs needs to be ironclad and clear in its language.

Common Issues Involving Contracts

Contract disputes can take many forms. A vendor may allege that your company in Murrieta did not follow the terms of a contract even when you believe that you did. An employee may need to be disciplined or terminated for breaching the terms of their contract. Below are some of the more common legal problems that can arise from contract disputes.

Breach of Contract

The purpose of any contract is to ensure that the signing parties fulfill their end of the bargain. When one or more parties violate that agreement, they are in breach of contract. At some point in any business lifecycle, a business owner will likely be accused of breach of contract or take legal action against someone who violated a contractual agreement.

The courts will consider the language of the contract and evidence surrounding the alleged breach when determining who is at fault and what the remedy will be. Anyone found to be in breach of contract faces the possibility of civil penalties.

Non-Compete Agreements

Another common area of contract disputes involves non-compete agreements. You may work for or run a business that has new employees sign non-compete agreements on the first day of work. This is common in industries that leverage intellectual property. The basis of this type of agreement is that companies entrust workers with sensitive information about business practices that are not known to the general public.

When that worker leaves, they have information that has value to competing businesses. Non-compete agreements usually stipulate a set number of years that an employee has to wait before working for a competing company. Any worker who violates these terms is subject to legal action.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Non-disclosure agreements help companies protect sensitive information. Often, the information covered by an NDA gives that company an advantage over competitors. If someone who signs an NDA leaks trade secrets to another company, the at-fault worker could face legal consequences. NDA violation cases are complicated. The company that drafted the NDA has to prove that the employee or former employee willingly and knowingly violated the terms of the NDA.


Q: Do Lawyers Negotiate Business Deals?

A: Lawyers negotiate business deals in close consultation with their clients. When it comes to business negotiations, working with an attorney can be more effective for several reasons. Lawyers are not emotionally invested in business deals, which can allow them to think logically throughout the negotiation process. An experienced negotiator understands how to close a deal with favorable outcomes for their client.

Q: Do Lawyers Write Business Contracts?

A: One of the most important tasks performed by business attorneys is writing business contracts. Business lawyers understand the key elements that must be present in a contract for it to be enforceable in court. The language in any legal document matters. Lawyers have experience writing contracts with specific word choices that the courts will know how to interpret should a dispute arise later.

Q: What Is a Breach of Contract in Business Law?

A: Breach of contract refers to any situation where a binding agreement is not honored by one or more parties. When this happens, the party that was harmed by that breach can hire an attorney to hold the other party accountable for not following the terms of the contract. Contract law is complicated and should ideally be handled by a law firm that focuses on business law.

Q: Can I Draft a Business Contract Myself?

A: You could draft a business contract yourself, but it’s not recommended. As the owner of your business, you are free to handle your business affairs as you see fit. Any contract you draft may be enforceable in court, but certain elements must be present in the contract language.

Even when a contract appears to be legitimate, there may be loopholes in the language. A business contract lawyer understands how to draft an ironclad agreement that will be clearly understood by both parties.

Q: What Do I Do If Someone Accuses Me of Breaching a Business Contract?

A: Being accused of breaching a business contract does not mean that you are in immediate trouble. The courts are there to vet accusations and ensure that any breach of contract allegation is based on facts, not hearsay. Your business litigation lawyer can protect your rights throughout the process and analyze the facts of the case before recommending a course of action. If you are falsely accused, your lawyer can work to vindicate you of any wrongdoing.

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Lockhart Law Firm is here to help your business review contracts before you sign them. Working with an attorney beforehand can prevent unintended misunderstandings down the road. If you have been accused of breaching a contract, our lawyers can work closely with your team to resolve the dispute in a cost-efficient and timely manner. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation with our reputable business law firm.

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